Consumer Safety Tips

Before you start towing your trailer here is some important information to know to keep you safe on the road.

Know the proper towing weight of your vehicle; which is the maximum weight of the trailer when fully loaded.
If the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) exceeds the Max Tow Limit of your vehicle do not use that vehicle even if you do not plan to fully load the trailer.

Six things to check when hooking up your trailer:

  • Adequate hitch on tow vehicle and hitch ball at proper height so the trailer is level
  • Correct ball size (and rating) for coupler
  • Safety chains connected properly
  • Electrical cable connected and secure
  • Brakes checked (if equipped)
  • Emergency breakaway brake lanyard connected (if equipped)

When loading the trailer, make sure a majority of the weight is evenly distributed over the axles or in front of the axles.

Before you begin towing check:

  • The trailer is approximately level
  • All lights are working properly
  • The tires have the proper amount of air
  • No wires are hanging down

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