Maxey Trailer Sales & Truck Equipment is committed to the safety of our employees, customers and alliance partners. In that, we would like to share a couple of steps we are taking to help keep our dealerships clean, safe and operational during the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

First, we have increased our cleaning efforts at each facility. Our dedicated team members are cleaning all high traffic areas numerous times throughout the day and continually cleaning their individual workstations. If you require service work, we will clean all high touch surfaces on your property. Your truck or trailer will be returned to you cleaner than when we received it!

We appreciate your continued patronage during this challenging time and renewed effort to keep your business local.

Please contact any one of our highly qualified locations below:

Maxey Trailer Sales & Service, 970.484.0557, [email protected]

Maxey Truck Fitting & Service, 970.493.7510, [email protected]

Maxey Parts, 970.493.7510, [email protected]

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Whatever you’re hauling—horses, heavy equipment, cars or mobile kitchens—the experts at MGS and Maxey will provide you with a quality trailer to haul and protect it. From custom fabrication to used equipment, we will help you find a trailer that meets your needs and your budget.